The Blu Energy approach to music is about creating a comfortable and enriching learning space that is fun and engaging for each student.

With customisable curriculums adapted from well-known music educators, individuals of all ages and capacities are exposed to teaching methodologies designed to enrich cognitive skills, enhance spatial awareness and improve personal expression.

Blu Energy Music has developed 3 types of music education techniques

Using physical props such as flash cards and videos stimulates learning. Introducing art in relation to music also makes music “visual”, which is useful
for more visually stimulated learners.

Including songs, rhymes and stories in music class adds to the fun of learning technicalities and theories. These create mental associations that assist learning and strengthen memory functions.

Jumping, rhythmic patterns and clapping are movements that are paired with music lessons to help students develop their sense of rhythm, which is crucial for playing instruments.

Courses Available

Foundation Programme

For students interested in learning instruments


Artiste Programme

For students looking to venture into the arena of performing and/or recording music


Pairing Teaching with Technology

At Blu Energy, an ideal curriculum for each student is structured with the help of dedicated teachers, a team of in-house consultants in psychology, and our exclusive Biofeedback Analysis.

Biofeedback Analysis refers to a non-intrusive measurement of brain activity to chart patterns of neurological response during music training. With this technology, we are able to better understand an individual’s optimum learning style and modify our teaching methods accordingly.

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