Just like every piece of music, each and every student is unique.

We understand that it is only natural to respond in different ways and speeds, and to fall in love with different instruments.

This is why our curriculum ranges from a selection of the world’s finest methodologies made friendly and accessible by our teachers for every standard.

Blu Energy Music has developed 3 types of music education techniques

Using physical props such as flash cards and videos stimulates learning. Introducing art in relation to music also makes music “visual”, which is useful for more visually stimulated learners.

Including songs, rhymes and stories in music class adds to the fun of learning technicalities and theories. These create mental associations that assist learning and strengthen memory functions.

Jumping, rhythmic patterns and clapping are movements that are paired with music lessons to help students develop their sense of rhythm, which is crucial for playing instruments.

Courses Available

Foundation Programme

For students interested in learning instruments

Artiste Programme

For students looking to venture into the arena of performing and/or recording music

Pairing Teaching with Technology

At Blu Energy, an ideal curriculum for each student is structured with the help of dedicated teachers, a team of in-house consultants in psychology, and our exclusive Biofeedback Analysis.

Biofeedback Analysis refers to a non-intrusive measurement of brain activity to chart patterns of neurological response during music training. With this technology, we are able to better understand an individual’s optimum learning style and modify our teaching methods accordingly.

To find out more about Biofeedback Analysis, please visit


Blu Energy Music makes music available to all ages, learning abilities and financial stratum. We strongly believe that music is non-discriminatory and as a universal language, should be shared with every willing individual.

On the financial front, Blu Energy extends its “music lessons for everyone” philosophy beyond customised curriculum to financial assistance, which will allow needy individuals to learn music too.

For more information on music lessons for students with learning difficulties or financial limitations, please contact us directly.

Core value

At Blu Energy Music, everyone hasa chance to be a student of music. Music is a great way to BEGIN and enhance any learning journey. We BELIEVE in the power of music to make life more meaningful. We go BEYOND teaching an instrument to mentoring a student. Our ultimate goal is to help our students BECOME better people.


Blu Energy Music welcomes professional musicians and corporate clients to collaborate with our team.

If you’re a professional musician, join us as any one of the following:

  • Arranger
  • Composer
  • Musician for events
  • Teacher
  • Adjunct teacher

If you have an event in need of musical entertainment, we would love to work with you to create a magical performance with the help of our most talented musicians.

Let’s work together


We are always on the lookout for opportunities to raise awareness for students with learning difficulties and giving all our aspiring students a chance to showcase their abilities on stage. We would love to collaborate with people who share our beliefs and wish to support our cause.

Let’s make a difference
Ivan’s musical journey began on the piano at the age of six, which eventually led him to pursue formal music studies and a career in music performance and instruction. Mr Ivan Tan

A strong advocate for the power of music and the effect it has on cognitive ability, he believes that music served as an important source of enrichment to his academic learning.

Ivan kick-started his career as a musician by performing at weddings, hotels and public events, including the National Library’s grand opening. While presenting his Brazilian Jazz style composition and contemporary music at the Esplanade Library, Ivan was spotted by a publisher and offered a contract for his composition work.

Ivan is currently an adjunct music teacher at a renowned international school in Singapore. This is his second stint as musical specialist after a previous appointment at an IB-certified global preschool.

In the area of Early Childhood education, Ivan has been teaching children at various establishments such as Children’s Cottage, Learning Horizon and PAT’s School House since 1999. In 2011, he was invited by an Early Childhood lecturer to share his experience in the field at a forum hosted by SEED Institute.

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Stacey is a certified neurotherapist who has worked in the field for two years and currently serves as Blu Energy Music’s in-house consultant in psychology. Stacey Henderson

Her strong interest in how the brain controls the mind and its physical functions has led her to help tailor Blu Energy’s special music and art programme curriculum for an enhanced learning experience for students.

By relating the study of brain structure and function to mental processes and behaviors, Stacey lends a scientific edge to Blu Energy’s educational approach. She aspires to enhance the learning experience of students by understanding their intrinsic thought processes and behaviors in order to make a difference from the inside.

Stacey holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a background in Biomedical Sciences.

Get in touch with Stacey Henderson
Born into a family of musicians in Havana, Cuban musician Pablo Calzado Morales started his career in drumming and percussion at the age of 15. Mr Pablo Calzado Moraeles

His professional career has taken him from Latin America to Asia, his latest venture bringing him to Blu Energy Music as its in-house trainer.

Pablo has lived in Singapore since 2008, working as a full-time drummer and later becoming an independent artiste at various festivals and events such as the Singapore River Festival, Mosaic Music Festival and Lion King the Musical. He also teaches music at United World College Southeast Asia and St Joseph Institute International School, a career started back in 2003.

As an experienced music teacher, Pablo strongly believes in encouraging children’s musical passion and helping them to discover the language of music. His greatest joy in life is watching his students, especially his daughter Leah, developing their musical skills.

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Matthias teaches the special music programme at Blu Energy Music. With experience in psychology and a background in music, specifically the piano. Mr Matthias Ong

He serves alongside Stacey Henderson to help design an optimised teaching approach for each student and is trained in Biofeedback Analysis. Matthias’ music background includes Staff Sergeant in the Symphonic Band and three years in a hand chimes choir. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of Social Sciences in Psychology from the National University of Singapore.

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Foundation Programme

Discover your voice in the soundtrack of life through the power of a universal language.

Foundation l

Under 22 years old

Foundation ll

22 years old and above

Adagio Foundation

Under 31 years old with learning difficulties

Register now and receive a free assessment of your level of musicality and ideal learning style.

Music Classes

*External grading is available for students learning these instruments.

Interested in becoming a Blu Energy Artiste?


Artiste Programme

Find your perfect expression of self in the making of great sound.

Artiste l

Under 22 years old

A minimum of 12 months with 85% attendance rate

Artiste ll

22 years old and above

A minimum of 6 months with 85% attendance rate

Social Artiste

Under 31 years old with learning difficulties

A minimum of 12 months with 85% attendance rate

Paths to choose from

Performance Artiste

Performing at recitals/events organised by Blu Energy Music

Recording Artiste

Recording and production of an album with the help of Blu Energy Music

Social Artiste

Assisting in fund-raising/awareness-raising efforts for special needs students

Register and receive a free assessment to determine which route you should enroll in and the type of training you will receive.

Interested in becoming a learning music?


Join our Team

The BE team is an eclectic mix of musicians, educators, psychology majors and performers. If our philosophy resonates with you, we’d be glad to have you join us!

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